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This page provides links to higher-level data products intended to facilitate the analysis of EIS data in the Python programming language.

At the beginning of the Hinode mission the strategy was to release unprocessed Level-0 FITS files and software routines written in IDL for processing these files into a format that could be used for data analysis. Additionally, all of routines for computing ancillary information, such as the offsets of the two detectors or the magnitude of the instrumental broadening, were written in IDL. Unfortunately, translating all of this software into Python would be very time consuming.

To accelerate the transition to Python we have created a new Level-1 product that contains both the processed Level-1 data and (hopefully) all of the ancillary information needed for data analysis. The goal is to make data files that do not require any additional software for analysis.

The initial Level-1 data files are available here: Level 1 Data
Level-2 data are now available here: Level 2 Data

Please be aware that this is a work in progress. These are experimental files and they should be considered carefully before using them for science.

Useful links for EIS data analysis: